Vasthu for Bed Room

Bed room is the place where you relax after a hectic day's work. It is also a sacred place for couples to be together in each other's warmth. Bed room is the place where dreams, ideas, thoughts and decisions are conceived. Apparently bedroom is the place where a man spends three fourth of his time. Hence you have to realize the importance of a bedroom and take a special care in planning a bedroom. Grahavasthu provides, along with vasthu plans for house, bedroom vasthu. Moreover we provide scientific and tested vastu tips. Our vasthu consultants in Chennai are experts in the field of vasthu Shasthra.

Some vasthu tips Sleep in a cot made of wood. It's better than cots made of metals. It is good to avoid keeping TV set in your bedroom. Bed room is the place only for relaxation. It is not for any other business. Scientists say you should keep away from TV at least one hour before your sleep. Vasthu Shasthra says that one should keep their head towards north while sleeping. This is rather a scientific truth than a superstitious belief, as we know the earth's magnetic field extends between North and South Pole.