Frequently Asked Questions

What is Vasthu Shasthra?

Vasthu is an ancient science of architecture in accordance with the laws of nature. It is foundation is attributed to the mythological figure Mamuni Mayan.

Is Vasthu Scientific?

Yes, it's purely scientific. As stated above vasthu Shasthra was framed by the then scientists who were pioneers in building and constructing houses. It also comes under the realm of prediction. But it is snot superstitious. Vasthu Shastra provides remedies and ideas for a happy living.

Who is the founder of Vasthu?

Mythical sage Mamuni Mayan is considered as the founder or father of Vasthu Shastra. He was also the father in-law of the asura king Raavan.

Is there any Vasthu remedy available for houses built Vasthu-incompliant?

Of course, if you feel that your house is vasthu incompliant, you can make changes according to vasthu Shastra. But keep in mind that you can make only structural changes in your house both interior and exterior. A real vasthu expert will know that other methods like keeping mirror in the house won't give any benefits.

Is there separate Vasthu for industry?

Not only for industry, there are vasthu remedies available for any type of building or structure or even part of any building. Vasthu experts and consultants will provide you necessary ideas for your vasthu Shastra related queries.

Are there Vasthu experts in Chennai?

Yes, there are a lot of vasthu experts in Chennai, who are well experienced in the field. They are also well exponents in the field, providing remarkable vasthu services. But look out for real vasthu experts. A proper vasthu expert will give you only the architectural ideas of a building based on scientific calculations. All the others are not real.

Does Vasthu bring prosperity to the inhabitants?

Affirmatively, vasthu brings prosperity to the inhabitants, who have occupied a house, provided it is built following proper vasthu Shastra. Moreover vasthu brings prosperity only to the inhabitants or occupants who are living in that particular house. Sadly, the owner who lives far away from the house does not receive any benefits.

Do colours have any role in Vasthu?

Colours have nothing to do with Vasthu. But colours do play a major role in the construction or the design of a building. For example, if you use red colour for inside walls of building, it will give you a horrifying feel. Colours can also potentially change the mood of a person. So it is very important to choose proper colours for wall painting, coating, etc.

Has Interior decoration anything to do with Vasthu?

Vasthu deals with A to Z of a building construction. Interior decoration also is part of construction. You will have to keep certain things at certain part of the house. Vasthu also instructs you to have proper interior vasthu friendly decoration.

Do Westerners follow Vasthu?

Even though Vasthu Shastra was founded by Indians, it has world wide application. Now the westerners have started realizing the greatness of Indian heritage and culture. All the more vasthu cannot be restricted to Indians. Scientific vasthu rules and ideas can be utilized by anybody in the world.

Do Positioning of Electric equipment and furniture has any role in Vasthu?

As we know vasthu deals with magnetic force and directions in the earth. Electric gadgets, equipment all work with magnetic force. There are rules to keep them in a house. In the same way proper positioning of furniture also is very important.

Do Directions affect humans?

It is scientifically proven that directions influence humans. They have both good and bad effects on human beings. Scientists compare our body to a magnet. As the magnet has north and South Pole, human beings also have two poles.

Is the Entrance facing important?

If your house faces east, main entrance should be in east-north corner. If your house faces north, main entrance of your house should be in north-east corner. If your house faces south, your entrance should be in south east corner. If your house faces west, then you have to have main entrance in west-north corner. It is good to design your door so that it opens inside to the house towards right side.

In your Services do you Offer Vasthu home drawings?

Yes, we offer only the vasthu home plans.Moreover Cad drawing will acquire a professional charge. For the descriptive details of vastu services kindly refer to our services section of

Does the practice of keeping fortune toys or statues which are presumed to be doing good come under the scope of Vastu Shastra?

We are not sure about the benefits incurred from these toys and statues but definitely this practice does not come under the scope of vasthu Shastra.