What is Vasthu Sasthram?

Vasthu, which is a science of designing building according to the natural forces, originated thousands of years before in India which dealing with the cosmic energy in matters and buildings. The Great Mamuni Mayan is the father of Vasthu sasthra. Personally he was the father in law of raven, in Mahabharata. He is the man introduced the Vasthu through the famous construction Maya sabha in Mahabharata and he is the author of Mayamata Vasthu Shastra. In India there are lots of books and researches have been introduced about Vasthu sasthra. In this, many Vasthu tips were scientifically explained by modern science.

Ancient Indians has given an important role for Vasthu in each construction. In the construction of palace, fort, and other important buildings, Vasthu was an essential one for them. It was the bright time of believes and customs according to the religions. Some religions were having the over hand on construction works and Vasthu. They misused the Vasthu in the constructions for other religions or communities with an aim of distract them and they have won in this till a limit.

The Agama vidhi is following to construct a temple from ancient time itself. In India most of the temples has constructed by following the Agama Vidhi. A deep study in Agama Vidhi will leads to the fact that Vasthu is hiding in it. This is a great achievement for bringing up its importance in daily life. Vasthu sasthra is guiding us to a proper way of construction and peaceful living with positive energy.

The modern life believes Vasthu sasthra mostly because of its scientific explanations. It have thousands of years experience, the architectural history of India gives us a bright concept on Vasthu and its Necessity. The modern science also believes Vasthu sasthra to make a faultless building which can provide good health, wealth, peace, and happiness, to the lives.

The structure, place, time, everything will come under the Vasthu sasthra, all these can make some positive or negative influences on the construction.